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Rehearsal Dinner Catering Services

Rehearsal Dinner Catering Services

When your wedding planning is completed or mostly figured out, you can begin to consider what you want to do about your rehearsal dinner. Goodwill Catering Las Vegas has done the rehearsal dinner catering for many of our clients who have reached out to us about also doing their wedding catering.

Rehearsal Dinner FAQs What is the purpose of a rehearsal dinner?

The rehearsal is a good time for both sides of the family to get together in a relaxed setting before the day of the wedding. It is a great opportunity to welcome guests who are coming from out of town and given that the wedding day can be hectic, it is good to spend quality time with people at the rehearsal dinner.

Who should you invite?

This really depends on you, but at the very least the immediate family and wedding party should be invited. You can choose to open the rehearsal dinner up to more people if you wish.

What happens at the rehearsal dinner?

Rehearsal dinners are a much looser affair than the actual wedding. Everyone will handle them differently. In general, the rehearsal dinner will begin after an actual rehearsal of the ceremony if feasible, just so everyone in the wedding party has an idea of what to expect on the day of. Some people choose to do speeches and toasts instead of waiting until after the wedding. The rehearsal dinner catering can either by plated or buffet or station style so people can serve themselves and socialize freely.

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