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Tailgating Parties Catering services

Tailgating Parties Catering services

Large tailgates for major sporting events come with major appetites. Las Vegas Catering Company is one of the most experienced off-premise catering companies in Las Vegas and has the experience and resources to plan a tailgate event at any location of your choice. We know you want to have fun at your tailgate, which is why we pride ourselves on making every event as simple and stress-free as possible for our clients. From delicious food to equipment rentals, we will handle every aspect of your event so that you can relax by yourself.

Full-Service Tailgate Party Options

With our tailgate catering services, we bring a variety of service options to the table to make
your event a roaring success. These services include:

Excellent Food: Food is an important part of any tailgate and one of the main things attendees will remember. At Las Vegas Catering Company, we take pride in providing delicious, creative food for every event we cater.

Convenience: When we cater a tailgate event, there is no need for you to worry about where to prepare the food: everything we need to create fresh, delicious cuisine travels with us, from ovens to silverware.

Coordination: We don’t believe in leaving important decisions to the last minute. We will discuss all event arrangements with you ahead of time, such as the perfect tent and food layout. We will also address any questions or special requests you have.

Full-Service Staff: Las Vegas Catering Companywill provide a full-service professional staff for your event, including bartenders, chefs, and waiters.

Customizable Menus: We are happy to accommodate any special menu you have in mind. We are experienced in providing traditional tailgate food such as hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken wings, BBQ, and more, but are open to preparing delicious food customized for your unique event.

Rentals: As off-premise catering professionals, we are experienced in turning any location into a successful event space. We can organize any necessary rentals, including; tents, tables, chairs, lighting, and more.

Recommendations: Over the years, we have worked with many other LV businesses, and we are happy to make recommendations for whatever you may need outside our own services.

Las Vegas Catering Company is experienced in bringing enjoyable and successful tailgate events to life with our delicious food and expert event planning team.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your menu.
 Call us at (702) 551-2232 with any questions.